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Your own key to the arcade parlor

Now you can play 12 classic arcade-style games for one low price!  With a single purchase you get to play Asteroid Mine, BeeKeeper, ChipBot, FlipSide, Galaxy Hero, Gridlock, Highway 51, Merchant Galactic, Milk Run, Omega Force, Rubes Cubes, and Treasure Hunter

No doubt you'll immediately recognize the games that were the inspirations for our original creations.  However, our games are much more than "clones" of popular classics. They are expanded and improved versions that consolidate the very best gameplay elements from a variety of successful themes into single products.   Why use real coins when you can use "virtual coins"'s like owning your own arcade parlor!

Some of the impressive features include:

٠ Configure music, sfx, and save options.

٠ View detailed statistics about time played, games played, medals

    won, and overall completion percentage.

٠ Visit the Shopping Mall to spend your tokens.

٠ Earn the right to enter the Challenge Room for additional gameplay.

٠ On-screen Help to discover Game Objective, Controls, and Hints.

٠ Vanity board with top 5 scores and player initials for each game.

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Asteroid Mine




Galaxy Hero


Highway 51

Merchant Galactic

Milk Run

Omega Force

Rubes Cubes

Treasure Hunter



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